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No Library Card Needed

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Auto Information & Repair

kellybluebook.jpg  [read more]

Books, Reading & Literature Criticism

powerlibrarylogo  [read more]

Biography & Genealogy

chronicaling america.png  [read more]

familysearch  [read more]

Business & Finance

 businessusa.png   [read more]

 paworkforcestats.png  [read more]

  workforce.png  [read more] 

 unnamed.jpg   [read more]

Children’s Resources 

bbcnature.png    [read more]

 Consumer Resources

      bbb.png  [read more]

General Reference                                

atoz.png  [read more]

 powerlibrarylogoAskHerePA [read more]    

Government & Law

 neborough.png  [read more]

    netownship.png  [read more]

 erieco.png  [read more]

pagov  [read more]

 usagov.png  [read more]

irs.png  [read more]

  uscensus  [read more]

Health & Medicine

medlineplus.png  [read more] 


locprintsnandphotos.png  [read more]

Job & Career Resources

glassdoor   [read more]

 pajobgateway.png   [read more]

workforce   [read more]                          

 ocupouthand.png     [read more]

 Magazines & Newspapers

 chronicaling america   [read more]

Music & Film 

 allmusic  [read more] 

 IMBD.png  [read more] 

 Science & Technology

  howstuffworks.png  [read more]

nasa.png  [read more]

Social Studies & History

 ciafactbook.png  [read more]

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Library Card Needed

Have your library card handy for these database resources.
Simply type in your card number for access.

 consumerreports  [read more]

gale   [read more]

hoopla   [read more]

fofwebsteal   [read more]

 novelist   [readmore]

logo-overdrive2  [read more]

newsbank   [read more]

TERC  [read more]

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If you are at the library and using a library computer, you will automatically be logged in. If you are at home, you will need to use your library card number to log in.

 oxford british hist.jpg    oxford eng lit.jpg      oxford music.jpg 

 oxford poetry.jpg      oxford shakespeare 

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POWER Library Resources


ap images    [read more]

 contemorary authors online  [read more]


 business source main edition  [read more]


  acedemic search main edition  [read more]

 bookflix  [read more]

 cybersmarts  [read more]

 high school student research   [read more]

 library information science and technology abstracts  [read more]

 science reference center  [read more]

 Teacher Reference Center  [read more]

 TrueFlix  [read more]

Find a Book

 bookflix  [read more]

 ebsco ebooks  [read more]

 find  [read more]

 TrueFlix    [read more]

General Reference

 ebsco host  [read more]

 public library search  [read more]

 SIRS discover    [read more]

  WebNews  [read more]

Health and Sciences

 acedemic search main edition  [read more]

 consumer health complete  [read more]

 elementary student research    [read more]

 middle school student research  [read more]

  high school student research   [read more]

 green file  [read more]

 public library search  [read more]

 science reference center  [read more]

 SIRS discover  [read more]

Newspapers and Magazines

 ap images  [read more]

 masterfile  [read more]

 newspaper source  [read more]

 newswires  [read more]

 public library search  [read more]

  SIRS discover  [read more]

  WebNews  [read more]

Student Power Library Resources

  bookflix   [read more]

  elementary student research  [read more]

 primary search   [read more]

 middle search main edition  [read more]

 middle school student research  [read more]

 high school student research  [read more]

 ebsco ebooks  [read more]

 cybersmarts  [read more]

 TrueFlix  [read more]

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Account set-up required

To use these resources you will need your library card to set up an account.

 Product-Logo-ePrep-700x375   [read more]

 tranparentlang.png   [read more]

Product-Logo-UniversalClass-700x375   [read more]

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