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Febuary Speaker Series

2020 Friends of the Library February Speaker Series

This annual program is hosted at McCord Memorial Library

each Saturday morning at 10:00 and utilizes our SmartBoard.

We welcome the community to come and enjoy the presentations

by noteworthy local professionals, free of charge.

February 1st:  Family, Friends, and Faith: Lessons I have Learned

Rev. Dr. Mark Hecht, former pastor of Park United Methodist Church & member of the North East community for the past 19 years, will expound on excerpts from his book and additional stories from the past proving out lives have been transformed by those we know. Book signing

February 8th: A Look At Some Aspects Of Reenacting Available In The Erie Area

Douglas Petroff is a reenacter who will be discussing various historical groups & organizations which could help you discover a new “old way” to live your life now. Various groups are available in the Erie area covering a wide array historical and alternate times and situations which will be explored. Some show and tell may occur.

February 15th: Chosen International Medical Assistance

North East Middle School Student, Troy Galbreath, has become a world traveler with his Grandfather, Rick King, Executive Director of Chosen International Medical Assistance. Their most recent trip together was to Ghana, Africa.

February 22nd: Veil Maternity Hospital

Alisa Puckly from Corry Historical Society will be presenting information on the Corry facility that arranged for the adoption of babies of unwed mothers until the 1940s.

February 29th: Return to Nepal

Barbara Fynan will share the adventure of her May 2019 trek to Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lake in the Himalayas.

Trip highlights include high peaks, glaciers, yaks, mountain life, and helicopters!

Hosted by Friends of McCord Memorial Library

Wheelchair accessible

Coming in 2020

In 2020 McCord Memorial Library will embark on a quest to earn a gold star in the PA Forward Star Program, which focuses on five key subject areas to better serve our community. Each point of the star makes up part of the whole.

Basic Literacy is reading and writing, the first terms most think of when hearing the word literacy. McCord Memorial Library (along with other Pennsylvania libraries) will be striving to achieve one of the highest literacy rates in the country, with a better trained and more skilled workforce. Workshops related to this would be job skills, ESL classes, and resume help.

Information Literacy is the second subject in this program. The focus here is to help individuals learn how to use online resources and current technology to improve education, enhance job skills, and participate fully in a digital society. Basic computer classes for all ages would be a part of this area.

Civic and Social Literacy is focused on bettering the community through civics. This aspect of the program will focus on giving citizens of all ages the knowledge and skills they need to improve their lives, to contribute effectively in their communities, and to participate in civil discourse. Though a large swathe of ideas fit into this area, the big takeaway is that civics helps make individuals better citizens.

Health Literacy is the fourth point on the star, and is related to making informed health decisions. McCord Memorial Library is planning to partner with other groups to help citizens actively manage their own and their family’s well-being. We aim to make them effective partners with their health care providers, and hopefully reducing costs. We have done this in the past, with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) mental health first aid training, and hope to expand to other areas.

Financial Literacy relates to more than just balancing a checkbook. Financial literacy is gaining the knowledge to better manage your money and assets, a useful skill for all individuals. This subject informs consumers and guides individuals, small businesses, and other organizations to contribute to the economic vitality of themselves and their communities.

                McCord Memorial Library will be offering programs for all ages in these key areas. We will also be partnering with community groups to offer new and unique programs. The PA Forward Star Program will help McCord fill in gaps in our available workshops, offerings, courses, and programs. Simply, the program will help us figure out better ways to help our patrons.

                We will continue to offer our regular programs, including the February Speaker Series, Teen programming, and Children’s Story Times. McCord Memorial Library is a part of this community. We wish all to feel welcome so that we can make our community as a whole stronger. The PA Forward Star Program will help us further this goal. So join us on this quest, stay tuned for future updates and by all means, stop by and say hello!


Partnerships Strengthen our Community

The annual appeal is your opportunity to insure that our library remains 

a viable entity in North East and the surrounding area.

Please consider McCord in your charitable donations this year.

Any contribution you make will assure the continued

excellence of McCord Memorial Library in the future

and is very much appreciated.

Thank you!


McCord Library now has a limited supply of hotspots

for our McCord patrons to use.

  • Hotspots check out for 10 days
  • Hotspots may only be checked out by adults
  • Hotspots are only available to McCord Patrons
  • Fines for overdue hotspots are $1 per day


New resource: Power Teens

POWERlibrary resource – made for teens!

Power Library Teen Edition
POWER Teens provides online resources including full-text research e-resources, collections of photographs and documents, the statewide catalog of materials held in libraries throughout Pennsylvania, and Chat with a Librarian.