Library Update Browsing

We have good news! Starting July 6th, we will have outdoor weather permitting limited browsing. Holds will continue being processed using the curbside pick up procedures.

What is limited browsing?
We will have 3 carts of available books for patrons to choose from. If you would like a specific book, please place holds by going online or calling (814)725-4057. Patrons will be able to look through the selection and choose books. All patrons must wear masks (unless under 2 years old or unable to wear a mask for medical reasons) and maintain social distancing while browsing.

When will limited browsing be available?
Whenever the weather permits until the next stage of opening starting July 6th.
If it is raining we will not be able to offer limited browsing.

Other important things of note:
Summer reading will continue, please request either a registration or weekly activity packet when
scheduling pick up.
All items should still be returned in the book drop.
We ask that no one sanitizes or microwaves books as this will cause damage.

Some pictures of what it looks like:

Library reminders

Patrons may pick up books after following the curbside pick up procedures

  • Place a hold online or by phone (814)725-4057
  • Call to schedule a pick up time when a hold pick up notice is received
  • Arrive at scheduled time and call to have books brought to the curb
  • Cart is left on the curb and patron retrieves books from cart while maintaining social distance from staff

Parents: ask about summer reading when you schedule pick up

  • Registration and weekly activities are available

When you recieve your books please do not:

  • Sanitize the books
  • Microwave the books

All items that are returned in the bookdrop are quarantined for 3 days and backdated

Curbside pick up cart is sanitized after each delivery

Curbside pick up video

Created by Community Access Media (CAM Erie)

  • Please make sure to schedule your pick up time as soon as you receive your notification.
  • Please arrive at your pick up time

Ask for a Summer Reading packet

  • You have the option of a registration packet starting 6/15 and an activity packet starting 6/22
    • (after you have received the registration packet)
  • Packets are available from baby to 12th grade.

Library Update

To all our McCord Patrons,

We thank you all for the concerned messages and calls while we were closed to the public. Our doors will remained closed for awhile yet, but we will be opening for pick up only on June 15th M-F 12-5.

Placing Holds online:

If you place holds at home, using the catalog available at, continue to place holds in the same manner. There is a limit of 10 items on any library card at this time. You will be informed when your items are available. Your items will not immediately available for pick up. Please follow pick up instructions.

Placing Holds by Phone:

You can also place holds by phone. Call (814)725-4057 and request up to 10 items. Your items will not immediately available for pick up. If you have a cell phone, please call our library once you have arrived. Please follow pick up instructions.

No Cell phone:

Place your holds from home by calling (814)725-4057. Your items will not immediately available for pick up. When you receive hold notice, follow the pick up instructions. Please arrive promptly during your 15 minute pick up window.


When your hold items are ready for pick up a day and time will be decided upon.

Pick Up instructions:

Please have your library card or other photo ID ready. Once you arrive call the library at (814)725-4057. The items will be delivered to the curb.


Items may only be returned in the book drop

We thank you for working with us while we try our best to serve you within the current restrictions. We will be quarantining all items that return to the library and no overdue fines will be charged during the quarantine period.

Thank you,

The McCord Memorial Library Staff

Summer Reading 2020

This year our summer reading program is going to look a little different.

Instead of in person programs, we are going to be holding online programs and distributing take home kits with prizes. We have fun for all ages planned.

For Children Birth to 4th grade, ask for a summer reading kit.

In order to pick up a kit, parents tell us the ages of their child(ren) and pick up the kits along with any books held. The kits are sorted by grade level.

Teens and Tweens will receive activity kits and when completed their names will be entered into a drawing at the end of the program. (see above for pick up instructions)

The adults are not going to be left out of the fun. There will be weekly drawings for adults who check out items.

We are also going to have an online scavenger hunt! Stay tuned for more.

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PA Forward

In 2020 McCord Memorial Library will embark on a quest to earn a gold star in the PA Forward Star Program, which focuses on five key subject areas to better serve our community. Each point of the star makes up part of the whole.

Basic Literacy is reading and writing, the first terms most think of when hearing the word literacy. McCord Memorial Library (along with other Pennsylvania libraries) will be striving to achieve one of the highest literacy rates in the country, with a better trained and more skilled workforce. Workshops related to this would be job skills, ESL classes, and resume help.

Information Literacy is the second subject in this program. The focus here is to help individuals learn how to use online resources and current technology to improve education, enhance job skills, and participate fully in a digital society. Basic computer classes for all ages would be a part of this area.

Civic and Social Literacy is focused on bettering the community through civics. This aspect of the program will focus on giving citizens of all ages the knowledge and skills they need to improve their lives, to contribute effectively in their communities, and to participate in civil discourse. Though a large swathe of ideas fit into this area, the big takeaway is that civics helps make individuals better citizens.

Health Literacy is the fourth point on the star, and is related to making informed health decisions. McCord Memorial Library is planning to partner with other groups to help citizens actively manage their own and their family’s well-being. We aim to make them effective partners with their health care providers, and hopefully reducing costs. We have done this in the past, with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) mental health first aid training, and hope to expand to other areas.

Financial Literacy relates to more than just balancing a checkbook. Financial literacy is gaining the knowledge to better manage your money and assets, a useful skill for all individuals. This subject informs consumers and guides individuals, small businesses, and other organizations to contribute to the economic vitality of themselves and their communities.

                McCord Memorial Library will be offering programs for all ages in these key areas. We will also be partnering with community groups to offer new and unique programs. The PA Forward Star Program will help McCord fill in gaps in our available workshops, offerings, courses, and programs. Simply, the program will help us figure out better ways to help our patrons.

                We will continue to offer our regular programs, including the February Speaker Series, Teen programming, and Children’s Story Times. McCord Memorial Library is a part of this community. We wish all to feel welcome so that we can make our community as a whole stronger. The PA Forward Star Program will help us further this goal. So join us on this quest, stay tuned for future updates and by all means, stop by and say hello!


McCord Library now has a limited supply of hotspots

for our McCord patrons to use.

  • Hotspots check out for 10 days
  • Hotspots may only be checked out by adults
  • Hotspots are only available to McCord Patrons
  • Fines for overdue hotspots are $1 per day


New resource: Power Teens

POWERlibrary resource – made for teens!

Power Library Teen Edition
POWER Teens provides online resources including full-text research e-resources, collections of photographs and documents, the statewide catalog of materials held in libraries throughout Pennsylvania, and Chat with a Librarian.