2019 Speaker Series

2019 McCord Memorial Library

February Speaker Series



  • February 2nd

Lake Erie Shipwrecks: History Preserved at the Bottom of the Great Lakesby Jeremy Bannister

Join Jeremy Bannister, Master Scuba Diver, for a diver’s perspective of the challenges and rewards of exploring the depths of Lake Erie in search of sunken history.

Video presentation           

  •  February 9th:

Bogenshutz, Former Retail Store in North East by Chas Wagner

Chas Wagner, former NESD teacher, will showcase this “anchor store” (which sold a variety of household goods) operated by the Bogenshutz family for three generations. PowerPoint compiled by NEMS students in 2006

  •  February 16th:

“Curse of Oak Island” History Channel by Jim McQuiston

Experience the Curse of Oak Island! North East resident, Jim McQuiston, has worked with treasure hunters on Oak Island in Nova Scotia for the past two years. Several discoveries by McQuiston have been featured in the popular show on the History Channel.  PowerPoint and Book Signing  

  • February 23rd:

My BOOKS! What Are They Worth?by Matt Dennison

Rev. Matt Dennison, pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church will teach you how to determine the value of your books.

Bring 1 book for evaluation


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