Cardboard Cosplay Rules

cosplay rules

Workmanship – Entries are judged on both the overall appearance of their cosplay, and the quality of the construction of the costume. Contestants are encouraged to bring reference pictures.

Originality – Entries are judged on their own merits. Contestants in this category are not cosplaying an established character. Does the character design fit together well over all?

Age of Contestant – Contestants will be judged against peers only. Age groups are 6 and under, 7-13, and 13 and up. Adults will be judged separately.

Contestant Number- Each contestant gets a number (024xx) which must be displayed on costume.

cosplay score card.jpg

Rate each costume 1 to 5, highest average wins a prize.

Score cards placed in box and tallied at end.

All prize set on table. 1st place gets 1st choice of prize and so on until prizes are gone. Every contestant gets a participation certificate.