Children’s New Items

J Play view

The Berenstain Bears. Holiday joy through the year

The Berenstain Bears. The wonder of Spring

Elmo visits the firehouse

Emily’s first 100 days of school and other stories about school.

Hi! Fly Guy: and other stories about friendship

How do dinosaurs say goodnight? and other tales.

Lon Po Po and other Asian stories

Music and dance with Sesame

The pigeon finds a hot dog: and other stories

School stories

Strega Nona and other stories from near and far.

J Non Fiction

Africanized honeybee vs. army ant

All about the Philippines: stories, songs, crafts and games for kids

Armored dinosaurs : stegosaurs and ankylosaurs

Away with words: the daring story of Isabella Bird

Beaked battlers : Ornithopods

Beyond the Asteroid Belt: Can You Explore the Outer Planets?


Cashmere goats

A computer called Katherine: how Katherine Johnson helped put America on the moon

Cultural traditions in Turkey

Earth’s Nearest Neighbors: Can You Explore Inner Planets?

Evil ecosystems

Extraterrestrials : can you find them in the universe?.

Fearsome forces

Fierce dinosaurs : pachycephalosaurs and ceratopsians

Flying giants

Flying with feathers and wings

Frogs and other amphibians

Giant dinosaurs : Sauropods

Gloria takes a stand: how Gloria Steinem listened, wrote, and changed the world

Hiding with colors and shapes

How big is the universe?

How will people travel to Mars?

Interstellar!: can you explore beyond the solar system?

Japanese giant hornets horrify!

Journey of the bats

Journey of the elephant seals

Journey of the wildebeests

Journey of the hummingbirds

Killer dinosaurs : Theropods

Life on Earth

Life on Mars

Lion vs. komodo dragon

Living on Mars: can you colonize a planet?


Look inside our world

My autism book: a child’s guide to their autism spectrum diagnosis

New Mexico

Our sun: can you figure out its mysteries?

Red-tailed hawk vs. Burmese python

Sea creatures and flying reptiles

Secret engineer: how Emily Roebling built the Brooklyn Bridge

Sharks and other fish: Inside animals

Spiders and other creepycrawlies

Staying safe with scales and scutes

Swimming with fins and flippers

Tarantula vs. piranha

Titanosaur : discovering the world’s largest dinosaur

Understanding business

The Usborne big book of sea creatures

Velociraptor vs. bull shark

What is space junk? answers about nature

Weird medical inventions

Weird transportation inventions

What happens to space probes?

Weird inventions for your pet

Wild and wacky inventions: weird inventions for your home

Weird beauty inventions

What is on the far side of the Moon?

What are stars made of?

Whales and other mammals

J Fiction

Blue Dot

Barnes, Derrick D: Crown: an ode to the fresh cut

Bianco, Margery:  The Velveteen Rabbit, or, How toys become real: the Classic edition

Blackall, Sophie: Hello lighthouse

Burach, Ross: The very impatient caterpillar

Cooper, Ilene: Little Lucy

John, Jory: The bad seed

John, Jory:  The good egg

Hilary Knight’s The twelve days of Christmas.

Maclaine, James:  Miss Molly’s School of Manners

Mora, Oge: Thank you, Omu!

Sander, Sonia: 3, 2, 1, liftoff!

Sleepytime tales

Wallace, Adam: How to catch a leprechaun

Ward, Jennifer: There was a coyote who swallowed a flea


Meyers, Kevin: Gotta go, buffalo: a silly book of fun goodbyes

Milbourne, Anna: Peek inside a tree

Streger, Sharon:  Baby bear’s bedtime

Touch and feel farm

Green dot

Carle, Eric: Hugs & kisses for the grouchy ladybug

Love from Sesame Street

Morley, Taia: Wake up, color pup

Tabor, Corey R:Fox the tiger

Red Dot

Khan, Hena: Bounce back

Klimo, Kate: Fido

Klimo, Kate: Susan

Leach, Sara: Penguin days

Patterson, James: Dog diaries (+ Book on CD)

Yellow Dot

Green, Tim: The big game

Hernandez, Carlos:  Sal & Gabi break the universe

Medina, Meg: Merci Suárez changes gears