New Additions

Welcome to the new books list!
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Non Fiction

  • Fleischer, Air: Suppression, deception, snobbery, and bias: why the press gets so much wrong– and just doesn’t care
  • Paxton, Jennifer: The Celtic world Paxton
  • McFedries,Paul: Teach yourself visually Excel 365


  • Baldacci, David: Long shadows
  • Brooks, Terry: Daughter of darkness
  • Bruce, Camilla: The witch in the well
  • Child, Lee: No plan B
  • Connolly, John: The Furies
  • Deveraux, Jude: Thief of fate
  • Feehan, Christine: Dark whisper
  • Finger, Bobby: The Old place
  • Flower, Amanda: Because I could not stop for death
  • Graham, Heather: Voice of fear
  • Grisham, John: The Boys from Biloxi
  • Hilderbrand, Elin: Endless summer
  • Irving, John: The Last chairlift
  • Kingsolver, Barbara: Demon Copperhead
  • McCarthy, Cormac: The Passenger
  • Nayler, Ray: The Mountain in the sea
  • O’Donnell, Paraic: The Maker of swans
  • Peterson, Tracie: Under the starry skies
  • Picoult, Jodi: Mad honey
  • Pulley, Natasha: The Half life of Valery K
  • Rosenfelt, David: Santa’s little yelpers
  • Salvatore, R. A.: The Dao of Drizzt
  • Sandford, John: Righteous prey
  • Sullivan, Mark T.: The Last green valley

Large Print

  • Atkinson, Kate: Shrines of gaiety
  • Berenson, Laurien: Peg and Rose solve a murder
  • Brunstetter, Wanda: Return to the Big Valley
  • Dugoni, Robert: What she found
  • Gerritsen, Tess: Listen to me
  • Jackson, Lisa: The girl who survived
  • Knight, Nikki: Live, local, and dead

New Adult Fiction

  • Denton, Lauren K: A Place to land
  • Glenn, Harper: Monarch rising
  • Hazelwood, Ali: Love on the brain
  • Hoover, Colleen: It starts with us
  • King, Stephen: Fairy tale
  • Manawatu, Becky: Auē
  • Quinn, Joanna: The Whalebone Theatre
  • Roe, Robin: Dark room etiquette
  • Rogers, Andrea L.: Man made monsters

Non Print

Non Fiction DVD

  • Paxton, Jennifer: The Celtic world

Book on CD

  • Box, C. J.: Treasure state
  • Child, Lee: No plan B
  • Cornwell, Patricia Daniel: Livid
  • Maguire, Gregory: The Oracle of Maracoor
  • Mills, Kyle: Oath of loyalty
  • Sparks, Nicholas: Dreamland


  • Baldacci, David: Long shadows
  • Castle, Jayne: Sweetwater & the witch

Young Adult


  • Bardugo, Leigh: Demon in the wood
  • Becker, Harmony: Himawari House
  • Chokshi, Roshani: Three kisses, one midnight
  • Doll, Jen: That’s debatable
  • Lee, Susan: Seoulmates
  • Liang, Ann: If you could see the sun
  • Lin, Judy I: A Venom dark and sweet
  • McManus, Karen M: Nothing more to tell
  • Meyer, Marissa: Archenemies
  • Meyer, Marissa: Renegades
  • Meyer, Marissa: Supernova
  • Nicholls, Sally: The Silent stars go by
  • Onoseta, Rimma: How you grow wings


Yellow Dot – 6th & 7th grade

  • Lloyd, Natalie: Hummingbird
  • Morrison, Laurie: Up for air
  • Schwab, Victoria: City of ghosts
  • Schwab, Victoria: Tunnel of bones
  • Young, Brigit: Worth a thousand words

Red Dot – 4th & 5th grade

  • Krosoczka, Jarrett: The Principal strikes back
  • Krosoczka, Jarrett: Star Wars. Jedi Academy. At last, Jedi
  • Parish, Herman: Amelia Bedelia shapes up

Orange Dot– Earliest Chapter

  • Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta: Party animals
  • Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta: A purr-fect pumpkin
  • Hale, Shannon: The Princess in Black and the hungry bunny horde

Blue Dot– Picture Books

  • Cousins, Lucy: Maisy’s snowy day
  • Danawi, Mohamed: The Blue scarf
  • Rex, Adam: Digestion! the musical
  • Sutton, Sally: Tractoar
  • Willems, Mo: The Frustrating book!

Children’s Non-Fiction

  • Barretta, Gene: Starring Steven Spielberg: The Making of a Young Filmmaker
  • Carbone, Courtney: Super-dee-dooper book of animal facts
  • Carr, Aaron: Dragonflies
  • Castaldo, Nancy F.: The Wolves and moose of Isle Royale: restoring an island ecosystem
  • De La Bedoyere, Camilla: My First Guide to Weather
  • Fall, Tacko: Tacko Fall: to new heights
  • Friesen, Helen Lepp: Maserati
  • Galdwin, Laura: Celebrate with me!: Recipes, crafts, and holiday fun from around the world
  • Murray, Julie: Alligator snapping turtles
  • Romero Marino, Soledad: Legendary escapes
  • Valley, Rebecca: Curious cases : true crime for kids
  • Yamasaki, Katie: Shapes, lines, and light: my grandfather’s American journey