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August 2021

Non Fiction

Asbury, Neal: Mapping America: the incredible story and

             stunning hand-colored maps and engravings that

             created the United States

Levin, Mark R: American Marxism

Pollan, Michael: This is your mind on plants


Atkins, Ace: The Heathens

Benedict, Marie: The Personal librarian

Castillo, Linda: Fallen

Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Women’s march:…1913 woman   suffrage procession

Doiron, Paul: Dead by dawn             

Feehan, Christine: Murder at Sunrise Lake

Freeman, Brian: Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne treachery

Gerritsen, Tess: Choose Me

Graham, Heather: The Forbidden

LaPena, Shari: Not a happy family

Macomber, Debbie: It’s better this way

McCall Smith, Alexander: The Man with the silver Saab

Miranda, Megan: Such a quiet place

Moore, Alan: The Killing joke

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth: When stars collide

Reichs, Kathy: The Bone code

Rosenfelt, David: Dog eat dog

Silva, Daniel: The Cellist

Thor, Brad: Black ice

Large Print Fiction

Brown, Rita Mae: Out of hounds

Cameron, Marc: Bone rattle

Camilleri, Andrea: The Cook of the Halcyon

Castillo, Linda: Outsider

Longworth, M. L: A Noel killing

Roberts, Nora: Legacy

Weiner, Jennifer: That summer

Non Print

Fiction Book on CD

Castillo, Linda: Fallen

Graff, Andrew J: Raft of stars

Johansen, Iris: The Bullet

Lustbader, Eric: The Kobalt dossier

Reichs, Kathy: The Bone code



Non Fiction DVD

Classical stretch. Mobility & bone strengthening for beginners


YA Fiction

Cooney, Caroline B: The Grandmother plot

Craig, Erin A: Small favors

Oh, Axie: XOXO

YA Graphic Novels

Bedard, Tony: Birds of prey. Platinum flats

Bendis, Brian Michael: Guardians of the galaxy. Vol. 1,

             Cosmic Avengers

Dixon, Chuck: Birds of prey. Volume 2

Peterson, Scott: Batgirl. Volume 1, Silent Knight

Roberson, Chris: iZombie. [1], Dead to the world

Star Wars: Darth Vader. Vol. 1, Vader

Star Wars: Han Solo

Star Wars: Obi-Wan & Anakin

Star Wars: Poe Dameron. Vol. 1, Black Squadron

Star Wars: Princess Leia

Star Wars: Vol. 1, Skywalker strikes

Star Wars: Vol. 4, Last flight of the Harbinger

Waid, Mark: Daredevil. Vol. 1, Devil at bay

YA Non Fiction

Beard, Hilary: The Burning: Black Wall Street and the Tulsa     Race Massacre of 1921


Yellow Dot: 6th & 7th grade

Lawrence, Mike: Maker comics. Survive in the outdoors!

Children’s DVD

Red Shoes and the seven dwarfs

Tom and Jerry

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July 2021


Non Fiction

Ambrosi, Joey: Fishing the Canadian Rockies: a fisherman’s guide to the best lakes, rivers and streams of the region

Balz, Michelle: No-waste composting: small-space waste recycling, indoors and out

Boyer, Mary Jo: Math for nurses: a pocket guide to dosage calculation and drug preparation

Corrao, Michelle: Found: triumph over fear with grace and gratitude

Henry, Jill: The Greatest college health guide you never knew you needed: how to manage food, booze, stress, sex,

sleep, and exercise on campus

Hunger, Christina: How Stella learned to talk: the groundbreaking story of the world’s first talking dog

Kenney, Karen Latchana: Folding tech: using origami and nature to revolutionize technology

McKeown, Greg: Effortless: make it easier to do what matters most

Mickey, Thomas: All about flowers: James Vick’s nineteenth-century seed company

On yoga: the architecture of Peace

Pripps, Robert N: The Field guide to classic farm tractors: more than 400 models from 1900 to 1990

Slugan, Mario: Fiction and Imagination in early cinema: a philosophical approach to film history

TerKeurst, Lysa: Forgiving what you can’t forget: discover how to move on, make peace with painful  memories, and

create a life that’s beautiful again

Wade, Jeanet: The Human team: so, you created a team but people showed up!

Woodcock, Thomas: The Oxford guide to heraldry

Wheatley, John: Enoch’s hammer: a tale of the Yorkshire Luddites

Non Fiction Book on CD

Axe, Josh: Ancient remedies: secrets to healing with herbs, essential oils, CBD, and the most powerful natural medicine in history


Cronin, Marianne: The One hundred years of Lenni and Margot

Graff, Andrew J: Raft of stars

Hilderbrand, Elin: Golden girl

Jance, Judith A: Unfinished business

Kay, Nancy: Shattered Sunset Promises

King, Laurie R: Castle shade

Michaels, Fern: No way out

Oates, Joyce Carol: Neon, night: tales of mystery and suspense

Rimmer, Kelly: The Warsaw orphan

Sager, Riley: Survive the night

Whitten, Hannah: For the wolf

Large Print

Johansen, Iris: The Bullet

Newton, D. B: Syndicate Gun

Quick, Amanda: The Lady has a past

Reasoner, James: The Lawman…based on the life of William Tilghman

Rosenberg, Joel C: The Beirut protocol

Ryan, Rachel: The Woman outside my door

Shaara, Jeff: The Eagle’s claw: … the Battle of Midway

Book on CD

Beaton, M. C: Death of a macho man

Choi, Mary H. K: Yolk

The Devil’s cue (Sherlock Holmes)

Hilderbrand, Elin: Golden girl

Jance, Judith A: Unfinished business

Kingsbury, Karen: A Distant shore

Mallery, Susan: The Stepsisters

Quick, Amanda: The Lady has a past

Rimmer, Kelly: The Warsaw orphan

Robinson, Peter: Not dark yet

Shaara, Jeff: The Eagle’s claw: a novel of the Battle of Midway

Grisham, John: Sooley

Thor, Brad: Takedown

Weiner, Jennifer: That summer


The Father

Godzilla vs. Kong

Judas and the black messiah

Promising young woman

The Vault


McCord Memorial Library Doodle Book:

Children’s Edition

Teen and Adults edition


YA Fiction

Dass, Sarah: Where the rhythm takes you

Deaver, Mason: The Ghosts we keep

Robson, Laura Brooke: Girls at the edge of the world

Taylor, Jordyn: Don’t breathe a word

Sturges, Lilah: Girl haven (Graphic Novel)

YA Non Fiction Book on CD

Billie Eilish


Orange Dot: Early Chapter Books

Green, Poppy: The Ladybug party

Vail, Rachel: Cat ears on Elizabeth

Blue Dot: Picture Books

Chan, Ruth: The Alpactory: ready, pack, go!

Engle, Margarita: When you wander: a search-and-rescue dog story

Falcone, Lucy: The Librarian’s stories

Curious George: Curiosity is…

Juvenile Non Fiction Pre-K to 7th grade

Anderson, AnnMarie: Meet a teacher!

Anderson, AnnMarie: Meet a doctor!

Herrick, Becky: Meet a mail carrier!

Miller, Ron: Natural satellites: the book of moons

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!: mind blown! all true & new

Sorell, Traci: We are still here!: Native American truths    everyone should know

Wilcox, Merrie-Ellen: Nature out of balance: how invasive species are changing the planet

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June 2021


Non Fiction

Alderton, Dolly: Everything I know about love

Ankowski, Amber: Bringing up bookmonsters : the joyful way to turn your child into a fearless, ravenous reader

Bennett, Ashlee: Art of body acceptance : strengthen your relationship with yourself…

Broady, Brunde: The calcium connection : the little-known enzyme at the root of your cellular health

Brown, Ken:  One putt: the ultimate guide to perfect putting

Darling, Kate: The new breed: what our history with animals reveals about our future with robots

Dosage calculations for nursing students : a complete step- by- step guide for quick drug dosage calculation…

Freeman, Jack: How to start, run, and grow a home Inspection business

Geisler-Moroder, Martin: Carving the head in the classic european tradition

Greenberg, Paul: The climate diet: 50 simple ways to trim your carbon footprint

Grossi, Craig:  Second chances : a Marine, his dog, and finding redemption

Harden, Blaine: Murder at the mission: a frontier killing, its legacy of lies, and the taking of the American West

Harnocz, Alex:  Perfect season project : an uncommon arrangement of Cleveland Indians history

Jay, Debra: It takes a family : creating lasting sobriety, togetherness, and happiness

Kaplan, Bonnie J: The Better brain: overcome anxiety, combat depression, and reduce ADHD

and stress with nutrition

King, Ross: Bookseller of Florence: the story of the manuscripts that illuminated the Renaissance

Person, Charles: Buses are a comin’ : memoir of a freedom rider

Price, Jennifer: Stop saving the planet!: an environmentalist manifesto

Snyder, Mariza:  The essential oils menopause solution: alleviate your symptoms…

Soontornvat, Christina: All thirteen: the incredible cave rescue of the Thai boys’ soccer team

Whitaker, Holly:  Quit like a woman: the radical choice to not drink in a culture obsessed with alcohol


Bannalec, Jean-Luc: The Granite Coast murders

Cameron, Marc:  Bone rattle

Castillo, Linda: Simple murder

Dupee, Jennifer: The Little French bridal shop

Khan, Sabina: Zara Hossain is here

Lahiri, Jhumpa: Whereabouts

Spillane, Mickey: Shoot-out at Sugar Creek

Johnstone, William W: Go west, young man

Large Print

Camilleri, Andrea: The Sicilian method

Cass, Laurie: Checking out crime

Finch, Charles: An Extravagant death

Fisher, Suzanne Woods: The Search

Swann, Stacey: Olympus, Texas

Thayne, RaeAnne: The Path to Sunshine Cove


Collins, Wilkie: The woman in white

Roberts, Nora: Legacy

Music CD

Escape the Fate: Chemical warfare


Young Adult: 8th -12th grade


Bhuiyan, Tashie: Counting down with you

Helnwein, Mercedes: Slingshot

Kritzer, Naomi: Chaos on CatNet

Lee, Stacey: Luck of the Titanic

Zahn, Timothy: Greater good

Yamaguchi, Tsubasa: Blue period

Non Fiction

Miller, Sarah: Violet and Daisy: the story of vaudeville’s   famous conjoined twins

Treuer, Anton: Everything you wanted to know about Indians but were afraid to ask

Yellow Dot: 6th & 7th grade


Booraem, Ellen: River magic

Brown, Waka Takahashi: While I was away

Carey, Elizabeth Doyle: Jenna tests the waters

Northrop, Michael: Dear DC super-villains: a graphic novel


Blue Dot- Picture Books

Bernier-Grand, Carmen T: We laugh alike = Juntos nos reímos : a story that’s part English, part Spanish, and a whole lot of fun

Meisel, Paul: My tiny life by Ruby T. Hummingbird

Trimmer, Christian: The Little things: a story about acts of kindness

Wellins, Candy: The Stars beckoned: Edward White’s amazing walk in space

Yum, Hyewon: Grandpa across the ocean

Red Dot: 4th & 5th grade

Coville, Bruce: The Thief of worlds

Jeter, Derek: Wind up

Johnson, Terry Lynn: Rescue at Lake Wild

Watson, Renée:  Ways to grow love

Juvenile Non Fiction Pre-K to 7th grade

Grimes, Nikki: Legacy : women poets of the Harlem Renaissance

Langeland, Deirdre: Meltdown : earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Fukushima

Muirhead, Margaret: Flip!: how the Frisbee took flight

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May 2021


Non Fiction

Albin, Jayme: Cognitive behavioral therapy: recognize and overcome behaviors for a healthier, happier you

Bensman, Todd: America’s covert border war: the untold story of the nation’s battle to prevent jihadist infiltration

Booth, Katie: The Invention of miracles: language, power, and Alexander Graham Bell’s quest to end deafness

Brady, Tim: Three ordinary girls: the remarkable story of three Dutch teenagers who became … WWII heroes

Bray, Gemma: The Organised Mum method: transform your home in 30 minutes a day

Dykman, Sara: Bicycling with butterflies: my 10,201-mile journey following the monarch migration

Eisner, Jeffrey: The Step-by-step Instant Pot cookbook

Garfias, Lea Ann: Everything you need to know about homeschooling

Gray, Catherine: The Unexpected joy of the ordinary: in celebration of being average

Farley, Audrey Clare: The Unfit heiress: the tragic life and scandalous sterilization of Ann Cooper Hewitt

Foitzik, Susanne: Empire of ants: the hidden worlds and extraordinary lives of earth’s tiny conquerors

Fowler, Jeaneane D: Buddhism and the coronavirus: the Buddhas teaching on suffering

Kelley, Tyler J: Holding back the river: the struggle against nature on America’s waterways

Lieber, Ron: The price you pay for college: an entirely new road map for the biggest financial decision …

Mechanic, Michael: Jackpot: how the super-rich really live–and how their wealth harms us all

Pendleton field guide to camping

Ripert, Eric: Vegetable simple

Roose, Kevin: Futureproof: 9 rules for humans in the age of automation

Summerscale, Kate: The Haunting of Alma Fielding: a true ghost story

Tasha’s cauldron of everything

Terry, Maury: The Ultimate evil: the search for the Sons of Sam

Tucker, Abigail: Mom genes: inside the new science of our ancient maternal instinct

Wargo, Eric: Precognitive dreamwork and the long self: interpreting messages from your future

Winant, Gabriel: The Next shift: the fall of industry and the rise of health care in rust belt America


Archer, Jeffrey: Turn a blind eye

Brockmeier, Kevin: The Ghost variations: one hundred stories

Carr, Jack: Devil’s hand

Gilbert, Victoria: Booked for death

Grisham, John: Sooley

Haig, Matt: The Midnight library

Hannon, Irene: Blackberry Beach

Hillerman, Anne: Stargazer

Kepnes, Caroline: You love me

Kingsbury, Karen: A Distant shore

Koontz, Dean R: The Other Emily

McCall Smith, Alexander: Your inner hedgehog

Miller, Linda Lael: Country proud

Reunion Beach: stories inspired by Dorothea Benton Frank

Sandford, John: Ocean prey

Showalter, Gena: The Warlord

Sweeney, Cynthia D’Aprix: Good company

Theroux, Paul: Under the wave at Waimea

Thompson, Victoria: Murder on Wall Street

Ward, J. R: Lover unveiled

Winspear, Jacqueline: The Consequences of fear

Large Print

Fellowes, Jessica: The Mitford trial

Graves, Sarah: Death by chocolate snickerdoodle

Harper, Karen: Deep in the Alaskan woods

Harper, Karen: Under the Alaskan ice

Lloyd, Catherine: Death comes to the rectory

Margolin, Phillip: A Matter of life and death

Roanhorse, Rebecca: Black sun

Non Fiction Book on CD

Kenda, Joe: Killer triggers

Fiction Book on CD

Box, C. J: Dark sky

Carr, Jack: Devil’s hand

Coben, Harlan: Win

Evanovich, Janet: The Bounty


Young Adult: 8th -12th grade


Bowman, Erin: Dustborn

Bowman, Akemi Dawn: The Infinity courts

Everett, Sarah: Some other now

Hur, June: The Forest of stolen girls

Moldavsky, Goldy: The Mary Shelley Club

Morris, Brittney: The Cost of knowing

Price, Tirzah: Pride and premeditation

Vickers, Elaine: Fadeaway

Keyes, J. Gregory: Godzilla dominion

Gregorio, I. W: This is my brain in love

Mone, Gregory: Atlantis: the accidental invasion

Non Fiction

Mundy, Liza: Code girls: the true story of the American women who secretly broke codes in World War II


Le, Loan: A Phở love story

Yellow Dot: 6th & 7th grade


Green, Tim: Grand slam

Gravity Falls: tales of the strange and unexplained

Hunter, Erin: The Place of no stars


Blue Dot- Picture Books

Anderson, AnnMarie: Meet a librarian!

Benson, Tyler: The Adventures of Onyx and the guardians

              of the straits

Davis, Jacky: Sunny-side up

Heos, Bridget: Triceratopposite

Holub, Joan: Dragon dance

McGinty, Alice B: The Water Lady: how Darlene Arviso

             helps a thirsty Navajo Nation

McNamara, Margaret: The Little library

Min, Cat: Shy Willow

Paul, Pamela: Rectangle time

Green Dot:  Earliest Reader

Dungy, Tony: Here comes the parade!

Orange Dot:  1st Chapter Books (3rd grade)

Barkley, Callie: Ellie tames the tiger

Krulik, Nancy E: I want my mummy!

Potter, Ellen: Big Foot and Little Foot

Red Dot: 4th & 5th grade

Battle, Craig: Camp Average, away games

Ross, Jason: The Amazing beef squad: never say die!

Stowell, Louie: The Dragon in the library

Treml, Renée: Sherlock Bones and the sea-creature


Juvenile Non Fiction Pre-K to 7th grade

Ambrose, Jamie: Great things to do outside: 365 awesome

             outdoor activities

Brower, Kate Andersen: Exploring the White House: inside America’s    most famous home

Markovics, Joyce L: Today’s Coast Guard heroes

Mayer, Amelia: Camping activity book for kids: 35 fun projects for              your next outdoor adventure

Naujokaitis, Pranas T: The Challenger disaster: tragedy in the skies (History comics)

Scott, Katie: Fungarium

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April 2021


Non Fiction

Barrie, David: Incredible journeys: exploring the wonders of animal navigation

Bernstein, William J: The delusions of crowds: why people go mad in groups

The big book of small home plans

Cain, Alexander: Alive after the fall

Coleman, Joshua: Rules of estrangement: why adult children cut ties and how to heal the conflict

Cox, John Woodrow: Children under fire: an American crisis

Dalla Cucina della Famiglia di Piazza: From the Kitchens of the Piazza Family

Everything tabletop games book: from Settlers of Catan to Pandemic, find out which games to choose…

Gibson, Walter B: Hoyle’s modern encyclopedia of card games; rules of all the basic games and popular variations

The greatest Coast Guard rescue stories ever told

Greene, Jamal: How rights went wrong: why our obsession with rights is tearing America apart

Hansen, Douglas: Code check: an illustrated guide to building a safe house

He, Symon: Real estate investing QuickStart Guide: the simplified beginner’s guide …

Jollands, Simon: Go sailing: the complete beginner’s guide to getting afloat

Khidekel, Marina: Your time to thrive: end burnout, increase well-being, and unlock your full potential …

Laporte, Nicole: Guilty admissions: the bribes, favors, and phonies behind the college cheating scandal

Lindemann, Mark: The total motorcycling manual: 291 essential skills

Miles, Jack: God in the Qur’an

Morgan, Wesley: The hardest place: the American military adrift in Afghanistan’s Pech Valley

Nelson-Isaacs, Sky: Leap to wholeness: how the world is programmed to help us grow, heal, and adapt

Nimura, Janice P: The doctors Blackwell: how two pioneering sisters brought medicine to women– and women to medicine

Norbury, Ian: Sculpting the female face & figure in wood

Pearl, Tobey: Terror to the wicked: America’s first trial by jury that ended a war and helped to form a nation

Perlroth, Nicole: This is how they tell me the world ends: the cyberweapons arms race

Price, Devon: Laziness does not exist: a defense of the exhausted, exploited, and overworked

Pucci, Dan: American cider: a modern guide to a historic beverage

Rakoff, Jed S: Why the innocent plead guilty and the guilty go free : and other paradoxes of our broken legal system

Yager, Jan: Help yourself now: a practical guide to finding the information and assistance you need


Anthony, Piers: Skeleton key

Briggs, Patricia: Wild sign

Blackwell, Juliet: Off the wild coast of Brittany

Box, C. J: Dark sky

Childs, Laura: Haunted hibiscus

Coben, Harlan: Win

De Jager. Anja: A death at the Hotel Mondrian

Deveraux, Jude: Meant to be

Evanovich, Janet: The bounty

Fox, Candice: Gathering dark

Graham, Heather: Danger in numbers

Harris, Charlaine: The Russian cage

Ide, Joe: Smoke

Margolin, Phillip: A matter of life and death

Mosley, Walter: Blood grove

Robinson, Peter: Not dark yet

Scottoline, Lisa: Eternal

Skeslien Charles, Janet: The Paris library

Large Print

Adams, Ellery: Murder in the storybook cottage

Alexander, Tamera: Colors of truth

Berenson, Alex: The power couple

Carr, Jack: Savage son

Dugoni, Robert: The last agent

Escobar, Mario: Remember me

Freeman, Dianne: A lady’s guide to mischief and murder

Haines, Carolyn: The devil’s bones

Hannah, Kristin: The four winds

Jance, J.A: Missing and endangered

McCall Smith, Alexander: A promise of ankles

Thompson, Victoria: City of schemes

Von Ziegesar, Cecily: Cobble Hill

Non Fiction Book on CD

Tate, Polo: Deep dark blue

Fiction Book on CD

Cornwell, Patricia: Spin

Roth, Veronica: Chosen ones


Let him go



Carey, Anna: This is Not the Jess Show

Clare, Cassandra: Chain of Iron

Leimbach, Marti: Dragonfly Girl

Onomé, Louisa: Like Home

Vincent, Rachel: Every Single Lie

Stevenson, Noelle: Lumberjanes

Kingsbury, Karen: Never Grow Up

Bryant, Elise: Happily Ever Afters

Jackson, Holly:  Good Girl, Bad Blood

Non Fiction

Tougias, Mike: A Storm Too Soon: A Remarkable True Survival Story in 80-Foot Seas


Blue Dot- Picture Books

Schaefer, Carole Lexa: Chicken talk around the world

Solheim, James: Grandmas are Greater than Great

Juvenile Non Fiction Pre-K to 7th grade

Hudak, Heather C: Ebola

Wainewright, Max: The internet

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March 2021


Non Fiction

Devine, Megan: It’s Ok That You’re Not Ok: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn’t Understand

Jabbour, Niki: Growing Under Cover: Techniques for a More Productive… Vegetable Garden

Keiko:  The Power Wish: Japan’s Leading Astrologer Reveals the Moon’s Secrets …

Mays, Daniel: The No-Till Organic Vegetable Farm: How to Start and Run a Profitable Market Garden …

Tilley, Jerry, Sr:  Fire & Ice: the Powerful and Frightening Adventures of Survival in Alaska …

World Book Encyclopedia 2020


Dailey, Janet: Calder Brand

Doxer, Debra: Where Butterflies Go

Kellerman, Jonathan: Serpentine

Rice, Luanne: Shadow Box

Robb, J. D: Faithless in Death

Large Print

Brown, Carolyn: Miss Janie’s Girls

Chow, Jennifer J: Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines

Dugoni, Robert: Cold Trail

Gardner, Lisa: Before She Disappeared

Krentz, Jayne Ann: All the Colors of Night

McKinlay, Jenn: One for the Books

Perry, Anne: Rutland Place

Wiseman, Ellen Marie: The Orphan Collector

Non Print

Non Fiction Book on CD

Pitzer, Andrea: Icebound: Shipwrecked at

             the Edge of the World

Fiction Book on CD

Gardner, Lisa: Before She Disappeared

Hannah, Kristin: The Four Winds

Krentz, Jayne Ann: All the Colors of Night

Taylor, Brad: American Traitor




Young Adult: 8th -12th grade

Gray, Claudia: Into the Dark

Harris, Pamela N: When You Look Like Us

Henry, April: Playing with Fire

Jackson, Kosoko: Yesterday is History

Le, Loan: A Phở Love Story

Shabazz, Ilyasah: Awakening of Malcolm X

Walton, Julia: Just Our Luck

A Universe of Wishes: a We Need Diverse Books Anthology

Young Adult: 8th -12th grade

Non Fiction Book on CD

Chopra, Deepak: Teens Ask Deepak: All the Right Questions


Red Dot-4th & 5th grade

Sonic the Hedgehog. Vol.7, All or Nothing

Orange Dot-3rd grade

Watson, Tom: Firefly Fix

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February 2021


Non Fiction

Boxwell, Michael: Solar Electricity Handbook: a Simple, Practical Guide to Solar Energy

Crary, Calvert: Flower School: a Practical Guide to the Art of Flower Arranging

Cyberpunk 2077: the Complete Official Guide

Doskow, Emily: Nolo’s Essential Guide to Child Custody and Support Federal Benefits… 2021

Fishman, Stephen: Deduct It!: Lower Your Small Business Taxes 2021

Fung, Jason: The Cancer Code: a Revolutionary New Understanding of a Medical Mystery

Hussain, Nadiya: Time to Eat: Delicious Meals for Busy Lives

King, Marissa: Social Chemistry: Decoding the Patterns of Human Connection

Ostermiller, Jesie: The Colorwork Bible: Techniques & Projects for Colorful Knitting

Peiss, Kathy Lee: Information Hunters: When Librarians, Soldiers, and Spies Banded Together in World War II Europe

Schneiderman, Abby: In Case You Get Hit by a Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for When You’re Not Around Later

Taylor, Steve: The Clear Light: Spiritual Reflections and Meditations

Walliser, Jessica: Plant Partners: Science Based Companion Planting Strategies for the Vegetable Garden

Weltman, Barbara: J.K. Lasser’s Small Business Taxes, 2021: Your Complete Guide to a Better Bottom Line


Dodd, Christina: Wrong alibi

Eugenides, Jeffrey: Middlesex

Harper, Jane: The Survivors

Harper, Karen: Under the Alaskan Ice

Taylor, Brad: American Traitor

Large Print

Andrews, Donna: The Falcon Always Wings Twice

Baldacci, David: Daylight

Roberts, Nora: The Awakening


Baldacci, David: Daylight

Harper, Jane: The Survivors


Alexander, Eileen: Love in the Blitz: the Long Lost Letters…

Chiaverini, Jennifer: Mrs. Lincoln’s Sisters


Young Adult: 8th -12th grade

Lee, Stan: Captain America: Sharon Carter


Blue Dot: Picture Books

Donaldson, Julia: Counting Creatures

Seltzer, Eric: Roller Bears

Juvenile Non Fiction: K-7th grade

Ballard, Robert D: Exploring the Bismarck

Tomecek, Steve: Ultimate Rockopedia

Wheeler-Toppen, Jodi: Cat Science Unleashed

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December 2020


Non Fiction

Avery, Anne Louise: Reynard the Fox

Barbour, Julian B: The Janus Point: a New Theory of Time

Buckley, Shawn Richard: Big Kibble: the Hidden Dangers of the Commercial Pet Food Industry and How to Do Better by Our Dogs

Carr, Barnes: The Lenin Plot: The Unknown Story of America’s War Against Russia

Complete Plant Based Cookbook: 500 Inspired, Flexible Recipes for eating well without meat America’s

Dale, Melanie: Calm the H*ck Down: How to Let Go and Lighten up About Parenting

Ennos, Roland: The Age of Wood: Our Most Useful Material and the Construction of Civilization

Falk, Seb: The Light Ages: the Surprising Story of Medieval Science

Fallis, Catherine: Ten Grapes to Know: Ten & Done Wine Guide

Hart, Richard L: Glenhill Farm: the History of a Family Estate

Meltzer, Brad: 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time

Pelayo, Rafael: How to Sleep: the New Science-Based Rules for Sleeping Through the Night

Rinella, Steven: The Meateater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival

Non Fiction Book on CD

Ansary, Mir Tamim: The Invention of Yesterday: a 50,000-year History of Human Culture, Conflict, and Connection

Feinstein Gerstley, Ashley: The 30-day Money Cleanse: Take Control of Your Finances, Manage Your Spending…


Clipston, Amy: The Coffee Corner

Cooney, Ellen: One Night Two Souls Went Walking

Davidson, MaryJanice: Truth, Lies, and Second Dates

Gregory, Philippa: Dark Tides

Hardy, Mina: After All I’ve Done

Henderson, Dee: The Negotiator

Lindsay, Jeffry P: Fool Me Twice

McCall Smith, Alexander: How to Raise an Elephant

Perry, Thomas: Eddie’s Boy

Preisler, Jerome: Net Force: Attack Protocol

Large Print

Longworth, M. L: The Secrets of the Bastide Blanche 

Adult Non Print


Crichton, Michael: Next

Dray, Stephanie: My Dear Hamilton

Frank, Dorothea Benton: Queen Bee

Hillerman, Anne: The Tale Teller

Hillerman, Tony: The Wailing Wind

Jance, Judith A: Proof of Life

Lippman, Laura: Wilde Lake


Patterson, James: The Summer House


Young Adult: 8th -12th grade

Batman/Superman. Volume 1, Who are the secret six?

Collins, Suzanne: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Dune: the graphic novel. Book 1

McManus, Karen M: The Cousins

Swiller, Josh: Bright Shining World

Yellow Dot: 6th & 7th grade

Anne of Green Gables (Manga)

Averbuch, Sheila M: Friend Me

Lee, C. B: Minecraft: the Shipwreck


Red Dot: 4th & 5th grade

Brown, Jeffrey: Once upon a space-time!

Galligan, Gale: Logan likes Mary Anne! (graphic novel)

Jolley, Dan: Mega-dogs of New Kansas

Martin, Ann M: Claudia and the new girl

Young, Ethan: Space Bear

NEW! Orange dot: 3rd grade

Shapiro, R: Welcome to Galar!

Blue Dot: Picture Books

Antrobus, Raymond: Can Bears Ski?

Barner, Bob: Go, Go, Go!

Behling, Steve: Wash Your Hands!

Cabrera, Jane: The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Dewdney, Anna: Llama Llama loose tooth drama

Eggers, Dave: The Lights and Types of Ships at Night

Fakher, Bassel Abou: Saving Stella: a Dog’s Dramatic Escape from War

Graham, Bob: Ellie’s Dragon

Stein, Peter: The Runaway No-wheeler

Juvenile Non Fiction: K-6th grade

Adler, David A: The Metric System

Berkowitz, Eliza: Infographic: Guide to the Globe

Hale, Nathan: Hazardous Tales: Blades of Freedom

Harper, Charise Mericle: So Embarrassing: Awkward Moments and How to Get Through Them

Jones, Charlotte Foltz: Mistakes that worked

Lewin, Ted: Fair!

O’Neill, Alexis: Efficient, Inventive (Often Annoying) Melvil Dewey

Simon, Seymour: Dinosaurs: Fact and Fable

Tate, Don: William Still and His Freedom Stories: the father of the Underground Railroad

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