New Additions

Welcome to the new books list!
These books may be placed on hold


Non Fiction

  • America’s Test Kitchen: Fresh pasta at home
  • Bryan, Lisa: Downshiftology healthy meal prep
  • Buettner, Dan:The Blue zones American kitchen
  • Dawson, Kate Winkler: All that is wicked : a Gilded-Age story of murder…
  • Goleman, Daniel: Why we meditate
  • Greenberg, Andy: Tracers in the dark : the global hunt for the crime lords of cryptocurrency
  • Humes, Edward: The Forever witness: how DNA and genealogy solved a cold case double murder
  • Kissen, Debra: Overcoming parental anxiety
  • Long-term care: how to plan and pay for it
  • Macdonald, Joan: Flex your age
  • McDougall, Christopher: Born to run 2
  • Miller, Carrie: Diver’s guide to the world
  • Mindell, Earl: Dr. Earl Mindell’s vitamin bible
  • Norman, John W: Fire officer’s handbook of tactics
  • Police officer study guide
  • Pressman, David: Patent it yourself
  • Quickbooks 2023 All-in-one for dummies
  • Richau, Amy: Star Wars: I am your father
  • The Rough guide to Canada
  • Sears, William: The Sears baby book


  • Brooks-Dalton, Lily: The Light pirate
  • Cameron, Marc: Red winter
  • Cosby, S. A: My darkest prayer
  • Cumming, Charles: Judas 62
  • Dailey, Janet: Blue moon haven
  • Dumas, Luke: A History of fear
  • Elliott, Lauren: Steeped in secrets
  • Evans, Richard Paul: A Christmas memory
  • Florio, Gwen: The Least among us
  • Gilbert, Victoria: Death in the margins
  • Graham, Genevieve: Come from away
  • Jackson, Lisa: Wicked dreams
  • Kane, Darby: The Last invitation
  • Kenna, Alex: What meets the eye
  • Kirsanow, Peter N: The Devil’s weapons
  • Klassen, Julie: The Sisters of Sea View
  • Lazaridis, Henriette: Terra Nova
  • Lindsay, Jeffry P: Three-edged sword
  • Lovesey, Peter: Showstopper
  • Morrissey, Hannah: The Widowmaker
  • Palmer, Diana: Wyoming homecoming
  • Penny, Louise: A World of curiosities
  • Shelton, Paige: Winter’s end
  • Smiley, Jane: A Dangerous business
  • Straley, John: Blown by the same wind
  • Sykes, Sam: Three axes to fall
  • Thompson, Victoria: City of fortune
  • Zeldis, Kitty: The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights

Large Print

  • Crawford, Isis: A Catered New Year’s Eve
  • Connolly, John: The Furies
  • Haines, Carolyn: Bones of Holly
  • Heuman, William: Roll the wagons
  • Maguire, Gregory: The Oracle of Maracoor
  • Quick, Matthew: We are the light
  • Truman, Margaret: Murder inside the Beltway

New Adult Fiction

  • Ali, S. K: Love from Mecca to Medina
  • DeLuca, Jen: Well traveled
  • Ferrada, Maraia Josae: How to turn into a bird
  • Gansworth, Eric: My good man
  • Hall, Peter: The Dead Friends Society
  • Hoffmeister, Pedro: American afterlife
  • Lackey, Mercedes: Into the west
  • Phillips, Erin: A Crown of chains
  • Rehman, Bushra: Roses, in the mouth of a lion
  • Swanson, Tegan Nia: Things we found when the water went down
  • Theroux, Marcel: The Sorcerer of Pyongyang
  • Zhao, Katie: The Lies we tell

Non Print


  • Death in Paradise season 11
  • The Doctor Blake mysteries Season 1-5
  • Annika Season 1

Non Fiction Playaway

  • Chapman, Gary D: The Five love languages
  • Dubbins, Andrew: Into enemy waters
  • Gotian, Ruth: The Success Factor
  • Tyson, Neil deGrasse: StarTalk
  • Van der Kolk, Bessel A: The Body keeps the score

NA Fiction Playaway

  • Maas, Sarah J: A Court of silver flames

Fiction Playaway

  • Nayler, Ray: The Mountain in the sea
  • Alexander, Tasha: Secrets of the Nile
  • Hannah, Sophie: The Couple at the table
  • Balogh, Mary: Remember love
  • Robb, J. D: Desperation in death
  • Peterson, Tracie: Beyond the Desert Sands
  • Hilderbrand, Elin: The Hotel Nantucket
  • Sandford, John: Righteous prey
  • Turow, Scott: Suspect
  • Ng, Celeste: Our missing hearts
  • Shroff, Mona: The Second first chance
  • Greer, Andrew Sean: Less Is Lost

Young Adult


  • Alyse, Charity: Other side of the tracks
  • Andreen, Tracy: So, this is love
  • Clayton, Dhonielle: Whiteout
  • Dickerson, Melanie: Fortress of snow
  • Glaze, Amanda: The Second death of Edie and Violet Bond
  • Gustafson, Cassie: The Secrets we keep
  • Littman, Sarah: Some kind of hate
  • Lund, Natalie: The Wolves are watching
  • Overy, Alexandra: This cursed crown
  • Parsons, Mark H: The 9:09 project
  • Painter, Lynn: The Do-over
  • Sellet, Amanda: Belittled women
  • Weymouth, Laura E: A consuming fire
  • Zargarpur, Deeba: House of yesterday

Young Adult Graphic Novel

  • Batman: killing time
  • Justice League vs. the Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Toriyama, Akira: Dragon ball super vol. 17

Young Adult Non-Fiction

  • Dragonlance: shadow of the Dragon Queen


Yellow Dot – 6th & 7th grade

  • De la Cruz, Melissa: The Broken mirror
  • Patterson, James: Winter blunderland

Green Dot- Earliest Reader

  • Murray, Diana: Love stinks

Blue Dot- Picture Books

  • Charles, Tami: All because you matter
  • Cowdrey, Richard: Fiona, love at the zoo
  • Fallon, Jimmy: Con pollo: a bilingual playtime adventure
  • Lin, Kyaw: ABC thankful me
  • Newson, Karl: How to Help a Friend
  • Tonatiuh, Duncan: A Land of books: dreams of young Mexihcah word painters

Children’s Music

  • Mary Poppins original London cast recording

Children’s Non-Fiction

  • Bailey, Linda: Arthur who wrote Sherlock
  • Boxer, Elisa: Splash!: Ethelda Bleibtrey makes waves of change
  • Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker: She persisted: Rosalind Franklin
  • Cocca-Leffler, Maryann: Fighting for yes!: the story of disability rights activist Judith Heumann
  • Fountain, Carrie: The Poem forest: poet W. S. Merwin and the palm tree forest he grew from scratch
  • Giang, Kristen Mai: The Rise (and falls) of Jackie Chan
  • Hopkins, Linda: Vizslas
  • Levi, Lia: Just a girl: a true story of World War II
  • Minecraft: guide to Redstone
  • Pinkney, Andrea Davis: Because of you, John Lewis: the true story of a remarkable friendship
  • Prud’homme, Alex: Born hungry: Julia Child becomes, “the French Chef”
  • Rockliff, Mara: A Perfect fit: how Lena “Lane” Bryant changed the shape of fashion
  • Soontornvat, Christina: A life of service: the story of Senator Tammy Duckworth