Character Help

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Sometimes everything about your character just comes naturally from your fingertips, and other times, you don’t know your character so well. Are you facing the latter? That’s okay!

We’re here to help with:

  • A basic character profile
  • A personality assessment
  • Some capability scenarios
  • A handful of… different character exercises

The Basics

  1. Name:
  2. Date of Birth:
  3. Gender:
  4. Cultural Background:
  5. Current Location:

The Personality Assessment

  1. Where does your character like to hang out?
  2. What is your character passionate about? Politics? Religion?
  3. How does your character feel about their family? (Be honest.)
  4. What’s your character’s pet peeve?
  5. Does your character have any guilty pleasures?

A Capability Test

  1. Your character locks their wallet, keys, and cell phone in the car. What do they do?
  2. What kind of eater is your character? For example, would they kick butt in an eating competition? Or do they subsist on the bare essentials?
  3. Your character gets drunk with their worst enemy. What goes down?
  4. Your character’s main love interest demands that they prove their love. How does this go?

Here’s Where Things Get Weird

  1. Take a Buzzfeed personality quiz as your character. Take a few. …Stop at eight. That’s probably enough.
  2. Your character takes a selfie, however that may manifest in your world. Please describe in detail this selfie and the circumstances that led to it.
  3. Your character hops through time and space to arrive in our current circumstances. Your character joins Twitter immediately (duh). Craft your character’s first 140-character tweet.
  4. Please select four photos that make up your character’s Tumblr aesthetic.