Student Resources – no library card

  • These student resources cover a variety of topics.
  • Students do not need a library card to use these resources, but may need to create an account or pay for these services.
  • McCord library claims no responsibility for the accuracy of information on these sites, librarians have simply collected these resources for student use.


Free code camp A great tool for learning a variety of programming languages. It starts you off small, with HTML, then moves on to more complex languages. This is free, but may ask you for a donation. Log-in and creation of an account are required.

w3 schools Do you need a refresher on css? Is your command of HTML rusty? This site allows you to review any section based on your skill level. Home to a large reference database and learning tools, this site is a must for career programmers.  This site may have banner ads. This site does not have accounts, so you cannot save your progress. 

Online learning/research

PBS learning media Main site to access all of the multitude of learning resources by PBS. Check out crashcourse videos, NOVA episodes, courses, assignments, and much much more! This resource is for all ages (pre-k to 12) and you need to log-in and create an account to save your progress. 

National Geographic fans of the magazine will enjoy this resource. A beautiful collection of photos and articles at your fingertips. Also offers purchase of electronic edition of National Geographic magazine. 

Smithsonian Institution A resource for exploring and gaining knowledge. From the site description “Smithsonian is a community of learning and the opener of doors. Whether you are visiting in person or online, we invite you come in and explore your interests, discover something new, or spark a memory. Our vast collections and the research surrounding them are available to you on a kaleidoscope of topics—from art to zoology.”  Also has a handy search bar in the top right corner.

Google Scholar  This version of google will return results of peer reviewed journals and scholarly articles only. Some content may not be fully accessible without paying a fee. 

khan academy From the site description “Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more.” A general online learning resource.