McCord Memorial Video Programs

For Summer Reading 2021, we have been making YouTube video programs to make up for our inability to hold in-person programs. You can also watch them here. Make sure to check back in for the weekly video releases!

WEEK 1 (6/21-6/26): Birds!

  1. Bird in a Bag Introduction

WEEK 2 (6/28-7/3): Dogs

  1. Veterinarian Advice

2. Western PA Search and Rescue Team

WEEK 3 (7/6-7/10): Farm

  1. Meabon Dairy Farm

WEEK 4 (7/12-7/17): Forest

  1. Is there a bird in the library?

2. Stuffed Animal Sleepover

WEEK 5 (7/19-7/24):Fairy Tail


WEEK 6 (7/26-7/31): Jungle

  1. Inquisitive Jim visits the Library

WEEK 7 (8/2-8/7): Fish

WEEK 8 (8/9-8/14): Cats

  1. Cats! With Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary

2. Take and Make Cat Toy Intructions