Information Literacy

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The ability to express, connect with and understand communication in numerous formats; to locate, evaluate,
and use effectively and ethically resources of information; to distinguish between credible and non-credible
sources; to recognize when information is needed to further oneself, an objective or a project.



Learn how to be a safe, responsible, and smart citizen with these eBooks that teach you how to avoid predators, play games safely online, protect your privacy, and use social networks. The set for ages 3-6 contains these five titles:

  • Avoiding Predators Online
  • Playing Games Online
  • Protecting Your Privacy Online
  • Stopping Cyberbullying
  • Using Social Networks

The eBook experience contains a series of fun, engaging “simulations” geared specifically to the topic. Users will create usernames, choose avatars, chat, send messages/email, create profiles, and receive friend invitations all in a safe, controlled environment. Additional eBook features include embedded safety tips, vocabulary terms defined in context, sidebars that further explore important or high-interest material, and credible, vetted resources to find help or get more information. 
“Stopping Teen Cyberbullying” is available for teens.

Computer Skills

Learn to touch type

Excel basics