Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a McCord Library card?

Adults (over 18) must be

  • a resident of North East (borough or township)
  • or an Erie County resident
  • or own property in Erie County

and bring in photo ID with proof of current address.

  • Children (under 18) must have parent or guardian with them and the parent or guardian must have photo ID.
  • Summer-North East residents (seasonal campers) can get a temporary card with photo ID and proof of seasonal address.
  • PA non-residents can pay $10 with photo ID and proof of current address.
  • College students can bring in their photo (student) ID plus photo ID showing current address and get a temporary card for the length of the school-term.

Can I use my McCord Library card at the Erie libraries?

Yes your McCord card can be used at all the Erie County Libraries. These are the other Independent Libraries (Waterford, Rice Ave, Corry, Albion and Union City) and the Erie County Public Library and its branches.

How do I renew a library item?

  • Bring the item to McCord.
  • Call (814) 725-4057, give the library clerk your card # and name.
  • On-line:
    1. On homepage, click “Library Catalog.”
    2. Click “Log in” at the top of the page.
    3. Enter your library card # and “Password” into the required fields at the top right of the page (Your password is your last 4 digits of your phone number with no spaces or dashes, unless you have logged in and changed it).
      • Click “Log In” or hit enter
    4. Click Your Name under “My Account” in the sidebar then click “Items Out”
    5. There will be a list of your checkouts with the due dates and check boxes corresponding to each item. Select the individual items to renew or click “Renew All” then click “Renew Selected Items.”
      • Note: fines/overdues prohibit renewing privileges. Also, if another patron is on hold for that item it will not renew.

How do I request an item (place a hold)?

  • Bring information into McCord (e.g. title and author).
  • Call (814) 725-4057, give the library clerk the title and author of item.
  • On-line:
    1. Login to your account (see previous question for instructions on logging into your account) and search for the item.
    2. Under the list of Search Results, click  “Place Request” button.
    3. Choose the library where you wish to pick up the item by using the drop-down menu then click the  “Submit Request” button.
    4. A new screen will list the item you place on hold. Confirm your request was placed by clicking the “go to your list of hold requests” button.
      • Your item should appear on the list
      • Note: fines/overdues will prohibit placing any holds.

Can I use the computers at McCord?

With a valid McCord, Erie County Public, or Erie County Independent Library card in good standing, you need to read and sign McCord’s Internet Policy to use the patron computers.

  • Children will need a parent or guardian’s permission plus that parent or guardian must be present to read and sign the Internet Policy. Also, children 12 years of age and under have to have a parent or guardian present at the computer (sitting next to the child) during the time the child is on the computer.
  • If you do not have either a McCord or Erie County Library card you can use public Internet computers with photo ID after reading the internet policy.

McCord does offer WiFi service to our patrons with their own laptops/devices. No passwords required. We offer WiFi printing for limited devices. Call for more information. 

How do I reserve the conference room for a meeting?

Any civic nonprofit organization is generally welcome to use the Hall Holtham Community Room or the multipurpose area free of charge. These rooms may be used during regular library hours and must not interfere with the use of the Children’s Library. The Hall Holtham Requests should be directed to the librarian. All groups using any library meeting area must complete a facilities use form.

How do I suggest a purchase for McCord?

  • Bring information into McCord (e.g. title and author or subject).
  • Email information to
  • Call (814) 725-4057 and give information to library clerk.