McCord Library now has a limited supply of hotspots

for our McCord patrons to use.

  • Hotspots check out for 10 days
  • Hotspots may only be checked out by adults
  • Hotspots are only available to McCord Patrons
  • Fines for overdue hotspots are $1 per day

What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is a device that allows a user to have internet on their device (phone, tablet, or laptop). Simply connect to the hotspot as if it were regular WiFi.

What can I do with hotspot internet?

You can browse the internet. This means you can look up information on google, use our website, check your Facebook, read the news, etc. Though you can look at videos on YouTube, we don’t recommend it because the data provided by these hotspots is not unlimited. After a few videos, your internet may run out.

What happens if I am late returning the hotspot?

In addition to the fine, the hotspot will be deactivated remotely after a few days.