McCord Memorial Library Annual Appeal

Though the majority of our funding comes from tax dollars, the library must also raise funds each year in order to continue serving the community as we do. As an independent library operating outside the umbrella of the Erie County Library System, we must show financial support from local residents in order to maintain state funding.

Although times are tough, any contribution you make to insure the continuing excellence of McCord Memorial Library in the future would be very much appreciated.

Matching Gifts

Many employers, including GE, National Fuel, and Verizon will match on a dollar-for-dollar basis, effectively doubling your gift to McCord! So please ask your employers if they participate in such a program.

McCord Recycles Empty Inkjet Cartridges

Most of us have inkjet printers at home or at work. Next time you have an empty cartridge, don’t throw it away – bring it into McCord! Just put it in a Ziploc bag or the original box and drop it into the recyclable box in the lobby.

McCord Library then boxes the empty cartridges up and sends them off to a recycling center for cash. Everyone benefits as your used cartridges are recycled without causing harm to the environment and the library receives cash from your donation.

Used Items Donations

There is a large donation box in the lobby by stairs and drinking fountain where patrons can donate items to McCord. If we are not able to use the items to fill gaps in our collection we will put them out for our book sales, which earn money to be used by the library, or donate them to prisons, schools, VA, and other organizations and libraries.

Most importantly, we like to receive current titles in excellent condition (poor condition items do not stand up to processing and circulation).

Please note that we often run out of space right before the used book sales (in spring and fall) and may not be able to take your donation when we run out of space.


Here are a few samples of items we love to receive:

Current and former bestsellers, both nonfiction and fiction

Hardback classics and fiction paperbacks

Children’s titles

Historical materials related to North East or Erie County

Unabridged Books on CD, both nonfiction and fiction

Feature films – DVDs and music CDs of popular works in good condition

Items we can’t use are:

Textbooks and encyclopedias (older than 5 yrs)

Back issues or runs of magazines (ex: National Geographic)

Condensed books (ex: Reader’s Digest)

Dated non-fiction (ex: medical texts, old diet books)