Meet Libby!

Libby Partner Sites – Setting Up Access

Albion Area Public Library  Corry Public Library  Erie County Public Library
McCord Memorial Library  Rice Avenue Community Public Library
Union City Public Library  Waterford Public Library
From the website ( or through the Libby App:

  1. Log in with your ECPL or PLEC independent library card number.
  2. At the bottom, center of the screen, select the three horizontal lines in a hexagon.
  3. Under “YOUR LIBRARIES,” click “Add Library.”
  4. In the search bar, type in one of the following options,
    then click on the tile with that name:
     Seneca District Libraries
     New Castle District Library Center
     Oil Creek Library District
     Crawford County Federated Library System
  5. To the right of the page, click “Sign In With My Card.”
  6. Scroll down to “PARTNER LIBRARIES” and select “Erie County Public Library.”
  7. Re-enter your ECPL or PLEC independent library card number.
  8. Libby will display your new digital library card. Click next and begin to browse, place holds, and borrow!
    Repeat to add all 4 additional libraries. When you want to move around between collections, you’ll find them under the center button with the horizontal lines.

Note: If you add the libraries in the app, they’ll remain. If you add them on the website, they may disappear if
you erase cookies, clear history, etc., so you may have to reenter the information.

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