Krafts with Kathy

“Stained Glass” Sun Catchers – April 2019

Materials Needed:

  • Coloring page printed on printer paper
  • Sharpie type markers-fine point work best
  • Mason jar screw band-wide mouth or regular
  • Glue-Elmer’s School glue is what I used
  • Cooking oil of any variety
  • Cotton balls
  • Ribbon -25” or so
  • Pen or pencil
  • Q tips-optional
  • Work surface protection


  1. Place the screw band on the coloring page and trace the outside of the band using either pen or pencil.
  2. Color inside the circle using markers.
  3. Place the colored page on top of wax paper or paper towel. 
  4. Using the cotton ball lightly coat the colored part of the paper with cooking oil.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Turn over the paper and lightly coat the back of the paper.
  7. Let dry.
  8. Cut the circle out, cutting slightly inside the line drawn earlier.
  9. Dry fit the circle to the inside of the screw band, trimming as needed.
  10. You want to trim just enough so the paper will lay flat inside the screw band but still touching all the inner edges.
  11. Remove the paper and place a thin line of glue around the inner edge of the rim.
    1. A q-tip might be helpful.
  12. Press the circle of paper onto the rim and let dry.
  13. Wipe off any excess glue that might have seeped thru to the front.
  14. Wrap the ribbon around the screw band and knot, having the knot at the top of the picture.
  15. Knot the end of the ribbon.
  16. Hang in a window and enjoy the “stain glass” sun catcher.


  • Colored pencils do not give you that translucent effect.
  • I used skinny ribbon but any width ribbon will work.
  • The ribbon used will determine if you need to glue the ribbon to the screw band or not.