Krafts with Kathy

Terra Cotta Pots Pumpkin Candy Dish-October 2018


Materials Needed:

You could really use any number of things for the stem – pieces of wood, dried grape vine, dried pumpkin vine, etc. It’s your choice.


  1. “Paint” the 20” or so piece of twine with mod podge or white glue.
  2. Wrap the wet glued twine around the dowel and let dry for the most part.
    •  I left a length of twine in the middle unglued and straight in order to make it easier to wrap around the cork.
  3. Make sure the ends of the twine are glued and pinched together to prevent unraveling.
  4. Gently twist the twine loosening it from the dowel and remove.
    • Set aside to finish drying completely.
  5. Turn the saucer upside down.
  6. Apply a generous blob of hot glue to the saucer and immediately place the cork in the center of the glue and gently press down.
  7. Run a bead of hot glue completely around the base of the cork and immediately place the twine around the base.
  8. Push gently on the twine making sure it is firmly in the glue.  Let dry.
  9. If desired, use a sharpie marker and draw a jack o’lantern face on the pot.
  10. Fill the flower pot with individually wrapped candies and enjoy.