Krafts with Kathy

April 2021- Gemstone Suncatchers


  • CLEAR liquid glue
  • gem stones (flat on the bottom) (found in floral dept)
  • 2 identical soft plastic lids (4 ½ inches in diameter works well )
  • plastic straw and scissors
  • table protection
  • paper plates (optional)


  1. Protect the work surface with plastic tablecloth, place mat, etc.
  2. Arrange gemstones in lid.
  3. Place other lid next to lid with gemstones
  4. Cut straw into a 2-3 inch piece
  5. Place lid on paper plate
  6. Pour glue in empty lid.
  7. Enough to cover the bottom and touch the sides of the lid but not too much as you place the gemstones in the lid the gemstones will disperse some of the glue.
  8. If the glue overflows the edge of the lid you will have a mess but it just means you had too much glue the first time.
  9. Set plate aside for 5-7 days for the glue to dry
  10. Peel away lid & gently remove straw piece from the sun catcher
  11. Throw away straw piece
  12. If back of sun catcher is still tacky to the touch lay the sun catcher upside down on a flat surface for a day or two to finish drying.
  13. Thread ribbon or cord through the hole made by the straw and hang in a window.


You don’t need a large bottle of glue but it MUST be “clear” glue. I raided my friend’s recycle bin for the plastic lids. They have to be soft or bendable or else you will have problems removing the sun catcher. They came from sour cream, yogurt, and butter tubs. Any size lid will work but the larger the lid the heavier the final product will be. Using 1 lid for the “dry” arrangement and the other lid for the glue and final placement works really well as once the gemstones hit the glue they pretty much are where they are. If you prefer not using the straw to make a hole in the sun catcher you can glue a ribbon or cord on the back of the sun catcher using E6000 glue.