Krafts with Kathy

Binder Clip Photo Holders-May 2018

Materials Needed:

  • Large Binder Clips (2-inch wide works best)
  • colored scrapbooking paper and/or cardstock scraps
  • photo (1 or 2)
  • two identical buttons
  • yarn, string or embroidery floss
  • scissors or paper trimmer
  • exacto knife (optional)
  • ruler
  • double sided tape
  • sewing needle (larger eye is preferred)
  • 2 flat buttons (no shanks)


  1. Measure your specific binder clip for exact size.
  2. Using a paper trimmer or scissors, cut a 2-inch by 3 1/4-inch piece of decorative paper. (You can also cut a little bit longer piece of paper and then trim it with the exacto knife on the backside of the clip after it has been taped down.)
  3. Apply a piece of double sided tape to the top edge of the binder clip. You want the tape to go to the very edge.
  4. Continue adding tape at the bottom edge on the front and along the bottom of the clip
  5. Place the paper slightly under the top curl of the clip and press it in place.
  6. Fold the paper around the bottom of the clip and press it in place.
  7. Fold the paper up the side of the clip and press it in
    place. Make sure it is tight up to the curl on the backside of the binder clip.
    Next, you add the buttons. This serves two purposes. One, it looks pretty. Two, it helps make sure your picture doesn’t slip around when it’s on display.
  8. Pull a 12-inch piece of yarn, string or floss through the front of one button and then the back of the second button. Next, thread the needle through the other hole of the back button and come out the hole of the front button.
  9. Place the buttons on either side of the clip.
  10. Tie a knot and trim the ends.
  11. Mount your photo on cardstock and slip it in between the “ears” of the binder clip. You can add a second photo to the back and make your photo holder double sided!