Krafts with Kathy

Ribbon Christmas Trees and Borax Icicle Ornaments

Ribbon Christmas Trees – November 2021


  • Cinnamon sticks or twigs at least 6 inches long
  • Assorted ribbons  ( ¾” wide, about 9” long)
  • Twine or embroidery floss
  • Scissors- regular and/or pinking
  • Hot glue gun or regular glue
  • Star decoration (can use buttons, foil stars or other embellishments)  


  1. Cut a piece of twine or length of floss for a hanger.
  2. Folding the twine in half, glue the ends near the top of the cinnamon stick
  3. Cut ribbon or fabric to length
  4. Tie onto the stick using a double knot.  Leave a small amount of room at the top for the star.
  5. Repeat with a new piece of ribbon or twine, always pushing ribbons tight up against the last ribbon.
  6. Make sure all the knots line up and are on the same side of the tree
  7. Stop adding ribbons near the bottom leaving room for a “trunk”.
  8. Trim the edges of the ribbons into a Christmas tree shape or a triangle
  9. Glue a star at the top of the stick using a button, foil star, etc.

Notes: *Fabric can also be used in place of ribbons.  I suggest double sided fabric such as flannel or homespun. I used pinking shears to cut the fabric.     

Icicle Ornaments – November 2021


  • Borax  (powder laundry additive)
  • Stir spoon, measuring spoon, measuring cup
  • White pipe cleaners
  • Pencil, wooden spoon, whatever to put across top of jar
  • Large pot and/or glass jar
  • Stove or microwave     (to boil water)
  • 24 hours or more start to finish


  1. Place the pipe cleaner in the empty jar.  Lift it up so the pipe cleaner is about ½ inch above the bottom of the jar. Wrap the top end around a pencil, wooden spoon, whatever.  This will create the hanging loop for after the icicle forms.
    • If the pipe cleaner touches the sides or bottom of the jar it will stick to the     jar and be very difficult to remove without breaking.
  2. Remove pipe cleaner (still attached to pencil) from jar and set aside for now
  3. Fill pot with water and bring to a boil.
  4. Once it comes to a boil, slowly stir in the Borax-for every 3 cups of water stir in 9 tbsp of Borax.
  5. Stir well until the Borax has completely dissolved, about a few minutes and the liquid is clear.
  6. Pour the HOT liquid into the jar leaving about ½ inch headspace
  7. Place pipe cleaner in the jar centering the pencil across the top of the jar with the pipe cleaner in the center of the liquid filled jar
  8. Depending on the number of icicles you want to make a large pot can be substituted for the individual jar referenced above.  Just remember all the pipe cleaners need room to “grow” and cannot be touching anything else.
  9. The individual icicle will become more crystallized the fewer in the container.
  10. Set aside your container in a safe place so it can cool.
  11. And WAIT and wait and…   The icicles I made I left overnight but am told 8 hours should be sufficient.
  12. Remove the icicle from the jar and let dry.  Remove from the pencil and shape the remaining pipe cleaner into a hook.

Note:  If you want to make a double icicle simply fold the pipe cleaner in half and hang it on the pencil laying across the top of the jar as described above.  Your icicles will not be as long as a single icicle but will still look nice.

Clean Up:

  • Fill the pot with water and bring it to a boil and all the crystals will disappear that were stuck on the side of the pot
  • Pour the water down the drain.  Leave the hot water running for a little bit   and make sure the “crystal water” is completely flushed down the drain
  • A bonus with using a glass jar is it also forms a light coat of crystals.