Krafts with Kathy

Winter Snowman Box – December 2018

CrackerJack snowman 12/1

Materials Needed:

  • Cracker Jack box
  • White copy paper
  • Googly eyes
  • 2-3 flat buttons black in color
  • Scrap of orange paper or felt
  • 12” or longer length of yarn
  • Scotch tape
  • Glue stick


  1. Cut 2 ½” off the short end of the piece of copy paper.
  2. Wrap the box of Cracker Jack with the paper.
  3. Dry fit all the snowmen pieces on the box to see where they fit best.
  4. Glue the googly eyes on.
  5. Cut a small triangle from the orange paper or felt & attach below the eyes.
  6. Optional-add some short lines to the piece of orange paper so it resembles the lines of a carrot.
  7. Depending on the size of your black buttons, glue 2 or 3 to the front of the box.
  8. Tie the piece of yarn around the box placing it between the carrot nose and the buttons.

Make multiple snowmen and give as gifts for your family and friends