Krafts with Kathy

December 2019 – Christmas Candles

Here is your chance to decorate some dollar store candles and turn them into pretty, glittery gifts for Christmas.

                                                PEPPERMINT  CANDY  CANDLE

Materials Needed:

  • Plain round candles 4” in height or taller, color of your choice
  • Bag of peppermint candies, unwrapped
  • Glue gun with several extra glue sticks**
  • Tabletop protection, especially for under the glue gun




  1. Preheat glue gun
  2. Unwrap candies
  3. Plan A-put blob of glue on candy and immediately stick on bottom edge of  candle.  Continue gluing candy onto the candle placing each new one on top of the previous one.  Start new row and repeat until the entire candle is covered. 
  4. Plan B-Place a thick line of glue directly onto the candle and quickly place each candy in the glue.  Continue laying down a wide line of glue and placing the candies in it until the candle is completely covered.
  5. After the candle has sat for a minute or two remove the hot glue stings/threads from the candle.
  6. Carefully wrap candle and you have another gift done and off the list.


Materials Needed:

  • Pillar candle, 4” or taller, color of your choice
  • Ribbon, 18” or so in length, color of your choice    
  • Cinnamon sticks, enough to cover the outside of the candle
  • Hot glue gun with several extra glue sticks
  • Table top protection


  1. Preheat glue gun
  2. Place a thick line of glue on the cinnamon stick and immediately place vertically on the candle with the bottom of the stick at the bottom of the candle.
  3. Continue gluing cinnamon sticks till the candle is completely covered.
  4. After a minute or two remove all the hot glue strings/threads.
  5. Cut a length of ribbon longer than you think is necessary.
  6. Place ribbon around center of candle and tie in a bow.  Trim ends of ribbon to preferred length.  A small dab of glue can be placed under the ribbon to help keep it in place if desired.
    1. Another handmade gift completed and ready to be presented.

Notes to Ponder:

Please be careful when burning the candles.  Place something “heat safe”     under the candle.

The dollar store is a great place to buy the candy and cinnamon sticks. 

Both can be pricey and are only being used for crafting so you do not need cooking grade items.

The candles can be any height or width.  I only had short ones in my    cupboard when I was making the examples so that’s what I used.  If using a taller pillar candle consider placing the candies in the middle of the candle or create a design using the candy.

Any kind of candy could be used I would imagine.   Experiment!

After the holiday be very careful when packing away the candle if there is     candy glued to the outside of the candle.  A tin works well as you don’t   want to being offer mouse food!