Krafts with Kathy

School Spirit Necklace – June 2017


Materials Needed:

  • Flat washer (5/8″ is a good size but any will work)
  • Nail polish in school colors
  • Painter’s tape
  • Cord for jewelry making
  • Wax paper, vinyl placemat or other stuff to protect the work surface
  • Scissors


  1. Put down your drop cloth or surface protection before beginning.
  2. Put your washer down on a flat surface and cover half of it with painter’s tape taping it to the work surface.
  3. Use your lightest color paint one half of the washer.
  4. Let the nail polish dry for a minute or two & then carefully remove the painter’s tape.
    • Let your first half dry completely before moving on to the other half.
  5. Next, carefully cover your painted half with painter’s tape.
    • You want to make sure your painted half is completely dry before covering it in painter’s tape so you don’t smudge the nail polish.
  6. Paint the second half of your washer with your darker color.
  7. Let dry for one or two minutes, then carefully remove the painter’s tape.
  8. Let your washer dry fully and then flip it over and paint the other side same as the front.
  9. Once your washer necklace is completely dry, add the cord.
  10. Take a length of cord about 28-inches to 30-inches. (Length is a personal preference)
  11. Tie the cord together at the top to make a large circle.
  12. Lay your tied cord down on a table so that it’s in one narrow strip.
  13.  Place your painted washer on top and pull the looped end through the middle of the washer.
  14. String your knotted end through the loop and pull all the way up to secure your washer on the end of the cording.

Viola! You have a spirit necklace to wear to school events and such.