Krafts with Kathy

June 2021 Garden Fairy Wands

Materials Needed:

  • 8/32” Threaded Rod          
  • 8/32” Hex Nuts 
  • Bracelet Beads*
  • Hack Saw (optional)
  • Cabinet Pulls*


  1. Determine length of rod and cut if necessary with the hack saw.
  2. Thread a nut on the rod at least half way up the rod.
  3. Place beads on the rod in any pattern desired covering half or so of the rod.
  4. Thread the cabinet pull on top of the rod.
  5. Adjust beads so they are tight up against the cabinet pull and adjust the hex nut accordingly.
  6. Place in potted plant or outside in the garden.


  1. The threaded rod and hex nuts were easy to find at my local hardware store.  The rod was $2.59 for a 3’ length while the hex nuts were $1.50 or so for a package of 20.
  2. I could not find the beads with a large center hole at any of the major craft stores in my area and was forced to buy them on Amazon. They ranged in price from $10 for 50 to $20 for 100.
  3. The beads are sometimes called European bracelet beads or glass bracelet beads.  The beads have a silver liner inside the hole of the bead.
  4. The cabinet or drawer pulls MUST be the kind that you screw onto the rod.  The pull itself only has a threaded hole in it. Those pulls that already have the screw attached won’t work.
  5. Do not make your wand too tall as it could become top heavy.  Leave enough unused rod to stick into the dirt to support the beaded portion.

More Photos: