Krafts with Kathy

Book Page Pumpkin- October 2019

Materials Needed:

  • OLD paperback book  (approx. 500 pages will create a round pumpkin)
  •   (approx. 250 page book will create a pumpkin that sits flush against the wall)
  • Black construction paper or other materials to make a face with
  • Embellishment- ribbon, leaves, twig, cinnamon stick, pipe cleaner, etc.
  • Glue  (liquid white glue of any brand)


  1. Select an old paperback book first considering the height & thickness of the book
  2. Crack the spine in several places.
  3. Doing one page at a time, fold the outer edge of the page to the center and crease.
  4. Continue folding each page until all the pages are folded.
  5. Trim both covers of the book even with the folded pages.
  6. Glue the front and back covers together and let dry.
  7. Leave enough space at the spine of the book to insert a twig, cinnamon stick or pipe cleaner as a stem.
  8. Glue stem in place.
  9. Add bow made from ribbon, raffia, etc. and tie to base of stem.
  10. Draw and cut out face from black paper and glue to front of pumpkin.

                        I used “googley eyes” for my pumpkin.