Krafts with Kathy

March/April 2017


Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs



  • Dishwashing gloves, latex gloves or some kind of hand protection.
    • (I forgot to use the tongs and my fingers ended up all kinds of colors !)
  • Artificial paper craft eggs (not plastic)
  • Box of food coloring
  • Jelly roll pan, disposable baking tray or whatever.
    • (Remember the food coloring will permanently dye many of the surfaces it touches.)
  • Spatula
  • Tongs
  • Unsharpened pencil, toothpick, or something to swirl the shave cream with
  • Cookie cooling rack
  • Paper towels
  • Newspaper or drop cloth to put under drying rack
  • Sealing spray


  1. Set up the cooling rack with the newspaper underneath
  2. Fill the tray with approximately 1 inch of shave cream.  Smooth the surface using the spatula.
  3. Squeeze several thin lines of food coloring on top of the shave cream using different colors.
  4. Using the pencil, toothpick, etc gently swirl the colors. Do NOT over swirl!
  5. Using the tongs place an egg in the shave cream and gently  turn the egg making sure all of the egg is covered in shave cream.
  6. Using the tongs again, remove the egg from the shave cream to the drying rack. It will be messy but don’t touch.
  7. Pick up egg #2 and do the whole thing over again but start in an unused portion of the shave cream.
  8. If the colors get too muted you can add more food coloring and re-swirl.
  9. Let the eggs dry completely overnight or longer. Do NOT touch !
  10. Using a paper towel clean the egg removing all of the left over shave cream.
  11. Spray the eggs with clear sealer-matte or gloss is entirely your choice.
  12. If you do not spray the eggs you run the risk of the colors rubbing off onto whatever they touch.

Melted Crayon Decorated Eggs


These eggs are edible so when you are done coloring them please place them in the refrigerator.


  • white raw eggs (in the shell)
  • Stove, water, pot, tongs, timer (stuff to heat hard boil eggs)
  • Crayons
  • Hand held pencil/crayon sharpener  (or maybe a vegetable peeler)
  •  Dixie cups to hold the shavings-sorted by color
  •  Plastic tray or old dish to hold egg*

*You can create a “cup” for your egg by shaping aluminum foil into an egg shape and placing the foil “cup” on an old pot holder or just use an old potholder.   The potholder will protect your hands from the heat of the egg.   Experiment !


  1. Create crayon shavings using a hand held pencil sharpener or  vegetable peeler.  You want to create larger one piece shavings if possible.  Don’t forget to remove the paper wrapper first.  You will need more shavings than you think.
  2. Put shavings in Dixie cups or other small dish keeping the colors separated.
  3. Hard boil eggs using Mom’s recipe. Leave in hot water.  Do not drain or rinse.
  4. Use egg tongs to remove one egg from the pot.
  5.  Place 1 egg into the tray or cup.
  6. Gently place the larger shavings by hand on the egg one color at a time.
  7.  For different looks rotate the egg and place or sprinkle other colors on the egg.
  8. Allow crayon shavings to cool and egg to dry before handling.


This whole method of dying eggs is very MESSY from making the shavings to actually coloring the eggs.

I ended up holding the sharpened crayon to the egg and letting it melt onto the hot egg in spots where the shavings didn’t cover.

A friend suggested using the vegetable peeler after I had finished coloring the eggs.  I wish I had thought of it sooner.  I would recommend trying the peeler first.