Krafts with Kathy

Stress Balls August 2019

Materials Needed:

  • 1 balloon      (not a water balloon)
  • Filling-flour, baking soda, cornstarch, fine play sand*
  • Plastic 16 oz water bottle cut in half, keeping the top half  
    • (makes a funnel)
  • Coffee stir stick, chop stick, pencil, whatever to use as a poker
  • Large bowl


  1. Inflate and deflate the balloon several times.
  2. Place balloon over top of water bottle
  3. Fill with 5.5 to 8.5 ounces of powder mixture holding balloon over large mixing bowl. 
    • Balloon should be fairly full.  Often this is 2-3 inches of fill in the balloon.
  4. Use the poker to help the mixture flow through the funnel & into the bottle
  5. Tap balloon on counter to help settle contents and add more as needed.
  6. Carefully remove from neck of funnel.
  7. Tie balloon.
  9. *a mixture of the corn starch, baking soda, flour, etc works better than just straight flour
  • Firm ball: use flour, baking soda or cornstarch
  • Medium ball: mix rice with a small amount of flour to prevent sticking
  • Soft ball: use dry rice, small beans, split peas or fine play sand from the hardware store.