Annual Appeal 2022/2023

Building FOR the Future

McCord Memorial Library Annual Appeal 2022-2023

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McCord Memorial Library

is Building FOR the Future


              O=Outstanding services


McCord Memorial Library has served the North East Community for over 100 years.

A recent leak was repaired and more has to be done to completely repair the damage. Future improvements are also planned.

We qualified for Employee Retention Credit (ERC) due to the financial burden that COVID-19 brought to McCord. These funds have helped with the cost of repairs and replacements we’ve had to make recently. We still face the difficult challenge of maintaining an old building. As well as funds needed for day to day ongoing library services to the public.

This year we are focused on building our future, by future-proofing our building.

Community donations are still very much appreciated

Full informational and donation brochure available below