WineFest signups

Wine Fest sign-ups have just opened up.

If you sign up now, you’ll get the shift you want, and a free shirt.

Choose McCord as the non-profit of choice.


Option #1 – Online

To volunteer in Gibson Park go to

To volunteer in Gravel Pit Park go to

Option #2 – In Person

Call the Chamber office at 814-725-4262 or stop in at 44 W. Main Street, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.


All volunteers who sign up before midnight on Aug 25th will receive a free volunteer t-shirt! (sizes S-XL)


For every shift you sign up for, we will put your name into a drawing for a Volunteer Basket of Cheer and other prizes. The more shifts you cover, the more entries you receive!


ADMISSIONS: All admissions volunteers must understand and be able to explain the wine tasting wrist band admission and token policies. Volunteers will not be required to verify drinking age. Security staff will be in place to do this prior to attendees reaching the admissions tent.

Cash Handler:  Collect cash or scan pre-sale tickets. Must be able to use ticket scanner, handle cash and make change.

Wristbands: Place appropriate wristband on attendees’ wrists, based on their ticket purchase.

Wine Glass/Token: Give a token to attendees age 21 or older. Give a commemorative wine glass to attendees who purchased a wine tasting ticket.

Volunteer/Exit Line: Verify that volunteers entering through this line have a ticket stamped “volunteer.”  This lane is also used by attendees exiting the park.


Volunteers will be responsible for selling WineFest and North East souvenirs as well as Basket of Cheer Tickets.  Must be able to handle cash and make change.


Drive a gator (in Gravel Pit Park) or use a wagon (in Gibson Park) to courier wine purchases from the wine tents to Wine Check. Pick up wine purchases that have been set in designated areas behind the wine tents. Check that each box, bag or bottle has a wine check ticket attached before leaving the wine tent area. Drive/walk to the Wine Check and unload the wine. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to be a courier and to operate Gator. Must be able to lift a case of wine.


Alphabetically sort the deliveries of wine purchases brought by the couriers. When attendees pick up purchases, take the wine check ticket from the attendee and match it with their purchase. Have the attendee initial the ticket, keep the ticket and give the attendee their items. Must be able to lift a case of wine.

Katie Houpt   Membership & Communications Manager

North East Area Chamber of Commerce 

44 West Main Street, North East, PA 16428   .   814.725.4262

September 27-29, 2019     Presented by the NEACC and Platinum Sponsor Widget Financial

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